Within the tour you can choose 3 places for the excursion. Below are the sights of Moscow with their descriptions. In all places you will be accompanied by a personal guide.​
Moscow Kremlin and Red Square​
This is actually the most recognizable and popular place among tourists in Moscow. The red towers of the Kremlin are the main brand of the Russian capital, it contains the centuries-old background of Russia. You can experience the spirit of aged Moscow, take photos with the twins of the fantastic Russian rulers, get souvenirs and even stop by Lenin's mausoleum. It really is there that Vladimir Putin receives guest visitors.​
State Historical Museum​
This is among the principle museums in Moscow, which presents collections of all epochs of Russian history. The museum was opened up by Alexander II in 1872. In 1990, the building was contained in the UNESCO heritage list alongside the Red Square which it is located.​
One of the principle shopping things of the administrative centre. The history of the place commenced with stores opened in the XIX century. During the USSR it was here that you could purchase scarce goods. Right now GUM is a place for costly boutiques, author's outlets and showrooms.​
St Basil's Church​
This temple was built by Ivan the Terrible in honor of the capture of Kazan. The temple is named in honor of St. Basil the Blessed, who collected money for its construction and beneath the patronage of the sovereign designed this beauty. Originally, the temple possessed a red and bright white coloring and gold domes. However, following the fire in the XVIII hundred years it had been restored, and nowadays it really is an inimitable construction, looking like an enormous multi-shaded gingerbread. With this temple wants to do pictures all of the visitors of Moscow.​
Kolomna Palace​
This palace belonged to russian king Alexis Mikhailovich Romanov. The construction is laid in the XVII hundred years, the palace is totally wooden. Under Catherine II, the palace is dismantled, but its complete drawings were previously manufactured. Relating to these drawings, the sophisticated was completely restored later. Guests were allowed to start here only in 2010.​
Moscow City​
The business enterprise quarter of the capital, where the financial life is boiling, innovations are created and dreams come true. Huge business towers, futuristic design will please the eye of the lover of the future. The height of the highest tower of the Federation complicated is normally 235 meters. Moscow City is nicknamed "Moscow Manhattan", the quarter was first conceived as a Russian analogue of the London and New York business districts.​
The Cathedral of Christ the Savior​
The Cathedral of Moscow, where the Divine Solutions is held by the Patriarch. The church was constructed over 400 years honoring the success in the Patriotic Battle of 1812 in accordance with the work of Konstantin Ton. In Soviet circumstances, the temple was inflated. It had been rebuilt only in 1994-1997. And today it gets the maximum exterior resemblance to the initial of days gone by centuries.​
Novodevichy Convent​
The oldest convent of the administrative centre. You will find a legend that the monastery stands at that moment where, through the Mongol-Tatar yoke, girls were selected to end up being sent into slavery. The monastery was first founded in 1524 by Vasily III. It was in this monastery that many royal princes and ladies from noble family members took tonsure. Not all of them did it of their own free of charge will.​
Tsaritsino Museum-Reserve​
This is a palace and park ensemble, occupying an area of more than 100 hectares, was built in the 18th century. Developed in the architectural style of the "pseudo-Gothic" or "Russian Gothic" was first once the royal residence. Currently in the park presently there happen to be museums, concert halls and greenhouses, this can be the place for retaining fairs and several exhibitions.​
The Kremlin in Izmailovo​
This is the stylized residence of Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov, built in 2007 by the project of A. Ushakov as a tourist attraction. It is made in the style of Russian architecture of the XVII century. On the territory there are handicraft shops, museums, souvenir shops, and an Orthodox church.​
Bolshoi Theater​
The main opera stage of the country and objectively one of the best theaters in the world. It was built in 1825, but after 28 years the building burned down. Large-scale reconstruction was carried out from 1886 to 1893, in 1958 and from 2005 to 2011. The monumental building of the theater is decorated with massive columns, the interior decoration is full of luxury. Particularly striking is the crystal chandelier in the main auditorium and, of course, all performing artists.​
The State Tretyakov Gallery​
Art Museum with a rich collection: more than 180 000 exhibits of Russian painting, engraving and icon painting. The museum was first founded by the merchant relatives Tretyakov, honoring which it bears its identity. In 1861, in his will Pavel Tretyakov handed the relatives gallery to the location and determined the money for its repair. In 1893 the museum was officially opened up for a visit.​
Moscow Circus of Nikulin on Colored (Tsvetnoy) Boulevard​
The famous Moscow Circus, in the arena which the very best teams of the united states and invited circus stars from overseas often performed. The circus setting up was built-in 1882 with the amount of money of the merchant Danilov. The auditorium is made for 2000 people.​
The Pushkin Museum of Great Arts.​
The museum gallery was opened in 1913, in the beginning it included only samples from the assortment of the Cabinet of Great Arts and Antiquities of Moscow University. After the gallery was first replenished with exhibits of the traditions of Ancient Egypt. Today the museum contains a lot more than 700 exhibits.​
Bunker 42 on Taganka​
The museum is situated underground at a depth of 65 meters. Initially it was a bunker, performing the functions of an autonomous shelter in the event of a sudden nuclear strike. The days of the Cold War have passed, and now it is a museum dedicated to this period of history.​
Vorobyovy mountains and the MSU Lookout​
From the observation Vorobyovy mountains itself opens a picturesque panorama to Moscow. Here is the building of Moscow State University. On the territory of Vorobyovy mountains there is a park where you can spend your free time enjoying a bike ride, rollerblading or just walking. Near the observation deck for many years are going to Moscow bikers.​
Oceanarium "Moskvarium" and VDNH (VVC)​
During this excursion you will visit one of the largest aquariums in Europe - Moskvarium and stroll through the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Middle (VVC). They are historic pavilions, progressive exhibitions, farmers' marketplaces and fairs, a theater and a good "port" to the seaside area with a pool.​
Ostankino TV Tower​
This is among the key symbols of the capital and Russian television. The tower reaches 540 meters in height and provides television coverage throughout the country. The building was erected between 1963-1967. and during this period it was the tallest building in Europe. You will visit a particular excursion with the possibility of visiting the famous observation platform.​
Old Arbat Street​
The spirit of art and freedom can be felt right here. On this street the mansions of the previous centuries have been preserved, but the key highlight of the walking boulevard isn't architecture at all. Below, for years and years, street artists have already been doing and portraits of no cost artists will be painting. On Arbat you can find a huge number of souvenir merchants, unusual restaurants and modest author's museums. That is a beloved place for foreign vacationers.​
Art-cluster "Red October"​
This is a sort of bohemian center in Moscow, where events can be held for the fashionable public, and of course, with the participation of famous people. Art workshops, exhibition galleries, design studios and exhibitions are all located in the building of the previously closed confectionery factory "Red October".​
Gorky Park​
Along the Moskva River is located Gorky Park. Here you can not only ride a roller and bike, but also watch a movie in an open up theater, dance in open air, ride a boat along the river and just relax. In winter, an unusual ice rink is opened up in the park.​
Zaryadye Park​
This is a fresh city park and cultural and educational center of Moscow with a distinctive landscape, a couple of plants from several natural regions of Russia and a two-level embankment with the "Floating Bridge". Opened since 2017. Attendees of the recreation area can easily see fascinating 3D movies about cultural monuments, secured areas and historical sites of Russia, stop by museums and exhibitions, pay attention to masterpieces of classical beats in a world-school concert hall, look themselves as serious scientists and conduct uncommon experiments in the scientific and cognitive center " Reserve Embassy ", to uncover the secrets of the Arctic and Antarctic in the" Ice Cave".​